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CMAD is proud to have supported the following projects.

A Forced Conversation by Thomas Lowell Edwards at Gramz Bakery and Cafe

CMAD is very happy to announce our latest special project in partnership with Gramz Bakery and CafeA Forced Conversation is a participatory sculpture, wherein participants agree to stay seated for 30 minutes at the table. With a complimentary cup of coffee, the 5 participants (who may or may not be strangers) are given an opportunity to engage in dialogue with each other. 

To participate in A Forced Conversation, please sign up at Gramz Bakery and Cafe (located at 409 Washington St. in Columbus) or email the curator, Linda Tien, at tienl@indiana.edu. First come first serve. A Forced Conversation will occur on Saturday Oct 1, 1-1:30PM, Monday Oct 17, 11-11:30AM and Monday Oct 24 11-11:30AM.

Artist Statement by Thomas Lowell Edwards

 While participating in a few artist residencies abroad, I noticed a more active and willing participation in the communal acts of eating and drinking in cultures outside of my own. It is very easy at home to plug in my ear buds, get a to-go cup and be disengaged with those around me. Of course there are times when I need to get work done and need to be uninterrupted. However, I have noticed a willingness in myself to disregard the face-to-face connection in lieu of the more spectator like engagement of social media.

After introspection, I came to realize that many of my most transformative experiences with other people have been based around coffee or tea. Through shared and open dialog we are able to better understand each other by sharing opinions and perspectives. A Forced Conversation, is meant to provide an opportunity to have a discussion between you and four other people for the duration of about half an hour. The mugs are tethered to the table, preventing departure. The scale is to force a bit of intimacy.

It is seldom that a conversation gets past the mundane. However, for the rare instances when we get to participate in an experience that changes us, this is my hope for the artwork. So while you are taking part in one another’s company, I hope you will keep an open mind, be honest, and make a connection, even if it is temporary and fleeting. 

100 VariationsNew Reflections on Eliel Saarinen and the Golden Ratio
By Jonathan Nesci

Mural at Kidscommons by Andy J. Miller
In partnership with Columbus Area Arts Council and Indiana Arts Commission

Modern Totem by Martin Beach
In partnership with Columbus Area Arts Council

Yu Yu Columbus by Mark Cooper
In partnership with Indiana University Center for Art + Design - Columbus