CMAD curates three display cases on the mezzanine level of The Commons, overlooking Chaos I by Jean Tinguely.  The cases display a diverse range of small and medium sized three-dimensional work by local and regional artists. 

The Commons, 2nd Floor
300 Washington Street
Columbus, Indiana

Current exhibition:


an exhibition of contemporary necklaces & Brooches

juried and curated by Linda Tien                                   

January 31 - april 4, 2017

OMNI translates to all. For CMAD’s first juried exhibition, I wanted to create a show in honor of the place it is displayed. The Commons was originally built in the 1970’s. It has undergone major reconstruction since, but its purpose and intent remains. It was built as a community gathering place. It was made for everyone.

The show was curated and juried with this sentiment in mind. The open call asked for necklaces and brooches, but the ones on display, are likely much different from the ones you may own or have purchased for a loved one.

Some pieces, deal directly with the ideas of unity and connectedness. Some concepts are simply ubiquitous, belonging to us all. Others are present to signify inclusiveness; to show that a necklace or brooch doesn’t need to be qualified by its appearance or its materials. It can be made of paper, fishing lures, leather, tiny gourds, fruit, a CD or a melted soda can. Some pieces represent a minority. Some pieces are a result of initiating inclusiveness and openness. One of these pieces’ process employs a non-traditional studio partner.

Featured Artists: 

Leslie Boyd, Wan Hee Cho, Margaret Dorfman, Teresa Faris, Lillian Fitzpatrick, Brice Garrett, Robly Glover, Susanne Henry, Mana Hewitt, Joshua Kosker, Randy Long, Brooke Marks-Swanson, Zach Mellman-Carsey, Nancy Slagle, Kelly Temple & JJ Thompson