Mark your calednars for these upcoming exhibits, featuring local and regional artists. You'll find a special exhibit all year long at the The Gallery at Hotel Indigo in beautiful downtown Columbus, Indiana.

Paul Rand: The Columbus Connection at Gallery at Hotel Indigo
Ivy Tech Community College | School of Fine Arts & Design

Paul Rand was one of the most famous designers of the twentieth century. The designs featured on these panels depict a portion of his legacy and his connection to Columbus. Rand produced numerous iconic designs for annual reports, logos and brands that connected our city to the international design world.

Thanks to the donation of this collection by Randy Tucker, Columbus is the beneficiary of a significant collection of original work by Mr. Rand including many annual report designs for Cummins. The collection also includes rare limited edition books used to present identity programs such as the logo for NeXT computers to Steven Jobs.


These and many other artworks will be on exhibit at the Gallery at Hotel Indigo (March 1–April 15) and Ivy Tech Gallery of Fine Arts & Design (March 31 to April 15).

Gray Area
by Marna Shopoff
at WellConnect

Columbus Museum of Art and Design will feature Gray Area, works by Marna Shopoff, at WellConnect from March 3 through May 31.


The public is invited to attend a reception with the artist on Thursday, March 20, 5:00–6:30 p.m. at WellConnect located at 237 Washington Street, Columbus.

Indianapolis based artist, Marna Shopoff, takes a classical approach to painting while infusing a contemporary twist. A Master of Fine Arts candidate of Herron School of Art & Design, Shopoff allows her work to act as a metaphoric voice for contemporary social and cultural concerns. Questioning the permanence of the built world surrounding us, Shopoff overlaps time and memory through technique and layering.


Shopoff’s works begin with staining the canvas with an imprimatura, or an initial underpainting layer. This provides a transparent, toned background on which she begins layering thin, translucent layers of color. Working in oils, she is able to work on several paintings at once, due to the drying time of oil paint.
Typically working with large-scale canvases, Shopoff’s work captures compositional, personal, and experiential relationships, creating an invitation to interweave her own experiences with others. Although many of her pieces are grounded in architectural spaces, she investigates and moves through them using abstraction, allowing her to questions the temporal nature that is reflected through memory, experience, and the shared architectural spaces we all inhabit.

WellConnect is a health and wellness center created by Columbus Regional Health, located in the heart of the Columbus Arts District at the corner of Third and Washington Streets. Through a partnership with Columbus Museum of Art and Design, two-dimensional art by local and regional artists is displayed on a rotating basis. The center is open to the public Monday–Friday, 7 AM–7 PM with artist receptions held during the first month of the exhibit.

“Columbus Light”
by Mark Miller

The Gallery at Hotel Indigo
400 Brown Street • Columbus, Indiana

Columbus Museum of Art and Design features “Columbus Light” by Mark Miller at the Gallery at Hotel Indigo from January 17 through March 3. The public is invited to attend a meet-the-artists reception on Friday, January 17 from 5:30–7:30 p.m at the gallery.

Mark paints because he is compelled to try to capture the essence of the subjects that have produced an emotional response in him.

Painting is almost like an involuntary response to the way the light plays on the trees, water or how it changes shadows into areas with rich and subtle tones. Mark enjoys laying the paint down with expressive brush work that captures the mood of the landscape in its pure form. Mark always working on location in plain air to capture the scene, whether it means standing in a stream or river, painting at the timberline, or in the snow.

He has painted all over the States, Europe and also in North Africa. Currently he really enjoys panting the light and landscapes of Indiana.