CMAD curates three display cases on the mezzanine level of The Commons, overlooking Chaos I by Jean Tinguely.  The cases display a diverse range of small and medium sized three-dimensional work by local and regional artists. 

The Commons, 2nd Floor
300 Washington Street
Columbus, Indiana

Current exhibition:

Touching Apathy by Chase Gamblin                       

April 5th, 2017

The vessel has and continues to be a strong aspect of my life as it provides a sense of freedom to explore form, surface and movement.  Driven by movement, I am pulled towards the processes of which my works are made from: the turning of the wheel, the dancing of the malleable vessel, the movement of the slips and glazes, and the flowing of the flame inside the kiln. Repeating thrown forms, stacking components, and applying slip, are the stages to creating these individual personas. It is the atmospheric firing process that brings the subtle intricacies of a weathered and aged surface. The pieces are animated and elegant, hard and coarse, yet balanced. I have started to add gold and rust into my work, which not only gives the pieces a beautiful contrast, it also delivers a finished sense of importance and elegance and age.

Whether it is throwing multiple components on the wheel, the construction or repair of a kiln, or simply a long drive in my car, these processes allow me to work in a manner that stimulates a meditative state of thinking, almost becoming ritualistic. I use the thrown vessel because I am most drawn-in by its processes and how I can handle the materials and finished vessels. 

About the Artist:

Chase Gamblin is a ceramic artist and educator from Metropolis, IL. Currently, he is a full-time faculty member at Indiana University as an Academic Specialist and Ceramic Studio Coordinator. Gamblin received his MFA from Texas Tech University and his BFA at the Appalachian Center for Craft of Tennessee Tech University. He has been invited to several residencies including international residencies at the International Ceramic Institute in Sanbao China and a sculpture residency in Vicchio, Italy. Gamblin has taught at several universities and is accredited to building the Ceramics program at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN.  His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and universities across the nation, as well as abroad.