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Haply May FOrget BY Emily Weihing                      

June 31 - August 12, 2017

Artist Statement

This work is part of a larger exploration of family history, taking inspiration from the ubiquitous family portrait wall.  Growing up there were very few family photographs on our walls.  I was always intrigued when I would see them in movies or TV shows— scores of framed photos covering staircases, crowded above hallway tables, over the couch, in bedrooms.  I wondered if anyone actually lived like that and why they would want to surround themselves with images of their family many of whom, presumably, were alive.  This, of course, says more about my own family than anyone else’s. 

I may not have been surrounded by pictures of my relatives, but I was surrounded by the fabric that we all touched and shared: hand-me-down sheets reminiscent of summer mornings and quilt pieces from my grandmother’s fabric collection that I took home after her death.  More than individual faces, memories of fabric texture and pattern stand out in my memory.

The images inside these frames are photograms of vintage fabric and my grandmother’s feedsack quilt pieces.  To make these I use a photo-sensitive process called cyanotype.  The deep Prussian blue color is characteristic of cyanotype, which results from the same kind of oxidation reaction that produces indigo blue.  The beauty of the cyanotype process is that it creates a direct record of the fabric without the intervention of scanner, camera, printer, or hand.   Where light passes through the fabric, the coated paper beneath turns a deep blue.  Where light is blocked, the paper remains white.  The result is an “automatic” and eerily accurate recording of each object as it exists at a suspended moment in time.


Emily Weihing is an artist whose work draws on quotidian domestic materials and motifs to rouse memory, contemplation, and receptivity.  Weihing earned her MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University Bloomington, and her BA in Printmaking and Environmental Science & Policy from Smith College in Northampton, MA.  She was Michigan City’s first featured artist in their inaugural open air studio event, Art/Watch, and was artist-in-residence at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA.  Weihing exhibits her work nationally and internationally, including at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles (upcoming), the Douro Museum in Portugal,  El Minia University in Cairo, and the Lotus World Music & Arts Festival in Bloomington, IN.