CMAD, a not-for-proft organization with a long heritage of enriching the Bartholomew County community through visual art and design experiences, promotes free visual art and design exhibits that collectively engage all Bartholomew County residents. CMAD, in collaboration with other local arts organizations, seeks local and national financial support to fund and display unique exhibits in venues throughout Bartholomew County.

Our Purpose

Art is the sum total expression of the human spirit and a continual reflection of life. To understand art is to understand the intellectual progress of mankind.


The Columbus Museum of Art & Design has as its primary and general purpose the promotion and encouragement of the understanding of art. In learning to understand art, we learn to understand ourselves and our world, and we are stimulated to positive, creative, productive thinking.

To realize this goal, the Columbus Museum of Art & Design is committed to providing for all who visit our exhibits, the young and the mature, the novice as well as the expert, a broad range of art programs of the highest quality.


Our programs will include collections of works of art and their preservation and conservation, exhibitions, educational activities, music, drama, poetry, dance, film, and any other recognized expression of art.


Currently our exhibits take place at the Gallery at Hotel Indigo (400 Brown Street), WellConnect (237 Washington Street), and The Commons (300 Washington Street)


Board of Directors

Kevin Martin, President
March Rothbart, Treasurer
Sharon Beach, Vice President, Curation Committee
Heather Dunn
Brooke Hawkins
Ben Hill
Andy Miller
John Pickett
Deb Perr
Arthur Smith
Steve Spaulding
Beth Stroh